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The Brodelbruder app is a classic platform game with social media aspects. In the world of BrodelBruder, all the healthy recipes have been stolen from the famous Brodel Guild. As a player, you have the task of finding exactly these recipes.

This works by exploring enemy caves, castles and fortresses in the game to find lists of ingredients there. From these ingredient lists, the player then creates new recipes in real life and uploads them to the tavern to share with other players. Here the recipes can be rated, discussed and celebrated. You meet new people or compare yourself with friends who have also joined the Brodel Guild.

To keep motivation high, you get gold and fame through good recipe ratings and a high level of brodel activity. These can be exchanged for powerful weapons and impenetrable armour in the game. This way you are always armed for the fight against the sickly brood.

I decided to use Unity to bring the game to life, as it makes working with pixel-art and tilemaps very accessible.

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In collaboration with Luis Klemt and David Maas




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